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Garage Repairs That Are Needed After Minor Accidents Cause Damage To Doors

You hear a lot about garage door repairs due to wear, but some accidents can cause damage to the doors. Sometimes, these accidents are due to cars being put into gear and driving through the garage doors. Therefore, there are going to be different repairs that are needed if this has happened to your home. The following garage door repair information will help with repairs that are needed if a car hit and broke your garage door:

Removing the Garage Door Sections

The sections of garage door panels need to be removed before you can begin any repairs. Often, the damage is only at the bottom section of these panels. There may also be minor damage to some components of the tracks. Once the door sections are removed, you will be able to assess the damage to your doors.

Assessing the Damage to Door Parts

You want to assess the damage to the door parts that were removed with the door sections. If some of the panels are still in good shape, they can probably be reused. You also want to assess the damage to the hardware. The damage to door hardware that you need to look for includes:

  • Broken fasteners
  • Bent hinges or brackets
  • Damaged sections of door tracks

The damage to hardware is often unrepairable. Thus, any bent parts need to be replaced. This will ensure the proper operation of your door once all the repairs have been completed.

Estimating the Costs of Garage Door Materials

You are going to need an estimate of the cost of the parts you need. Ask the garage door repair service to give you a written estimate with an itemized list of all these components. Expect the cost of these repairs to be more than common problems. However, it should cost less than a completely new door installation if you decide to reuse any of the old parts.

Finishing the Garage Door Repairs

Once you have the estimate, you will be ready to schedule the repair service to fix your doors. They will remove the damaged tracks and other components that need to be replaced. The repair service will try to save as much of the old door as possible.

When you are repairing the doors, you may want to consider improvements like upgrading the opener and installing garage organization systems. This will help prevent wear and damage to your doors. There are even options for bumper systems that can protect the tracks and other components from future accidents.

After a car drives through the doors, the problems with damage may not be as bad as they appear. As such, you can contact a garage door repair service for help fixing this damage.