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Why Put Crown Moldings Over Interior Doors?

Crown molding is similar to baseboards in that the material helps border a room and frame living spaces. Crown moldings come in a variety of depths and thicknesses and designs, and they are usually cream or white in color, although they can also come in custom colors.

When you put crown moldings over doors, you improve the appeal and allure of the living space you have. Here are some reasons to consider putting crown moldings over interior doors.

You make doorways look wider and taller

Depending on how wide and what style of crown molding you choose for your interior doors, you can make your doorways appear wider and taller. This visual effect is great for the main living areas of your home, such as your family room, a great room, a living room, or the dining area. Consider more neutral or true white crown moldings to make doorways look as open and inviting as possible.

You make doors look modern and sophisticated

When you have dated doors that have some imperfections around them or you just want to give your interior space a more updated appeal without doing a lot of upgrading, consider putting some crown moldings around these older doors. Done correctly, the right crown moldings can make doors appear more modern and sophisticated.

The key lies in how much trim work you actually use: if you have bold baseboards in your home, then go with more muted and subtle crown moldings for doorways, or only put crown moldings over doorways that don't have a lot of existing trim work in the rooms.

Paint doors a shade lighter or just a shade darker than the crown moldings you choose to further enhance the effect. Your door installation specialist will measure your doors and their distance from the ceiling to help you select the best designs of crown moldings for your living space.

You increase your home's appraisal value

When you put crown moldings in your home's doorways, you can improve your home's overall appraisal value, which can prove useful when you put your house on the market in the future. The key to putting crown moldings on your doors is to get them professionally installed. Your door installation specialist will give you an estimate for their services to install crown moldings in your home. An estimate usually includes time and materials.

To learn more about crown molding, contact a supplier.