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3 Signs That You Need New Garage-Door Springs

In order to operate properly, your garage door has to have good-quality springs that are in good condition. Plus, along with ensuring that your garage door works as it is supposed to, making sure that your springs are in good shape is imperative if you want to help prevent garage-door accidents, such as from the garage door falling and potentially hurting someone. If you don't know a lot about garage doors and their maintenance, you might not know how to tell whether you need new garage-door springs. However, there are a few simple signs that you can look for.

1. Your Garage Door "Hangs"

When your garage door is closed or is half-closed, take a close look at it. Does it look as if it is perfectly straight and even, as it is supposed to be, or does it appear to be crooked or "hanging?" If it's the latter, there's a good chance that your garage-door springs are in need of replacement. Not only does a crooked or hanging garage door look unsightly, but it can cause security issues, can prevent you from keeping heat or cold out of your garage, and can be indicative of a garage door that might fail or cause a dangerous accident.

2. Your Garage Door Doesn't Open and Close Properly

When you press the button on your garage-door remote or on the wall of your garage door, you might expect for your garage door to open or close smoothly, as it always has. If it does not do so, such as if it hesitates or if it stops in the middle of being opened or closed, there is a good chance that there is a problem with the springs.

3. Your Garage-Door Springs Appear Damaged

Even if you don't know much about garage-door parts, you might be able to notice a problem just by looking at your springs. If they appear to be stretched out rather than tight, if they are rusty or otherwise showing signs of wear and tear, or if they just don't look like they once did, you'll want to call a professional to come out and take a look at them.

As you can see, there are a few signs that you can look for when determining whether there is a problem with your garage-door springs. By looking for these three things, you can detect a potential problem so that you can call a garage-door repair professional as soon as possible to help correct the issue.