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How To Create Elegant Curb Appeal

While the holidays were fun and it might have been wonderful to snuggle up with blankets on cold nights, you are probably also very ready for the warm spring and summer months ahead. This is a perfect time to be planning what you'll do with landscaping and how you'll enhance the front of your house. Are you wanting to create an elegant entry to your home? If so, from the landscaping to the choice of your front door, here are some ideas that might inspire you to design something unique and lovely.

The Landscaping - Besides the grass or other ground cover you select for the landscaping, create a walkway to the front of your house. Brick pavers, flagstone, or pebble stones would all be good choices. On both sides of the walkway place small decorative pots that will hold flowering plants like geraniums, zinnias, or even miniature roses. As the walkway comes to an end, establish planting areas where you will place an assortment of ferns, succulents, ivies, cacti, and even vegetables like lettuce and eggplants. Add lighting to the walkway, not only because it will add elegance to the design but because it will be an excellent safety feature during the dark hours of the evening.

The Landing - Whether you have a large porch or simply a landing by your front door, make a statement in that space. If it is a large area, topiaries on each side of the front door would be really pretty. If there is not a lot of space, add half pots to the wall or hang decorative hanging planters with ivy in them. Select a door mat with your monogram on it or with a garden scene on it. Flowers, birds, butterflies, or anything else from nature would all be good choices for your front door mat.

The Door - An elegant front door would be the frosting on the cake. Choose a color that makes a strong statement. Black, brick red, turquoise, or very shiny mahogany brown are all excellent choices. Choose brass or glass hardware for the door and select a doorbell that matches it. Another idea is to select a door that has stained glass as part of the design. Not only would it be beautiful, but it would add subtle light on the inside of the house. The company where you select your front door can install it, of course. However, door installation is not difficult and you could do the job yourself, too. Contact a company like Southern Specialty Corporation for more information on the various doors available.

As you select decor for the inside of your house, keep the elegant mood you have established on the outside. Those who enter your home will feel like they have brought a bit of the outdoors inside with them.